How it all started

In 2019, I had some friends at my home for a barbecue. Of course I gave them a tour of my house. I have a lot of tech and DIY stuff in my home (actually I have a 1m x 1m CNC Router at my basement, a lot of screens in the house, plus a lot of home automation things etc.)

A couple of days later, I am on the phone with one of my friends and during the conversation he says “Marc, with everything you have at home - you could start a YouTube channel. You could make videos for a year just by telling how to build the stuff you have at home”.

You know how this story continues, right ? I had been thinking about starting my own YouTube channel before - but - you know, it’s one of the things you would but …. Long story short, that was the birth of my Youtube Channel and more generally speaking of my social media presence.

Who am I?

51 year old male, German and French, married, father of a daughter and a son. We are trilingual (German, French, English). I have two labrador dogs. Studied Economics and Computer Science. Currently working as a presales engineer in the software industry.

What is my YouTube channel about?

The theme of the channel is “The Place for Digital DIY” - that’s exactly what it is about. Do it yourself in a digital world. Be it micro controllers, networking, programming - you name it. Around this channel my goal is to build a community of similarily minded people.

How can you get in touch with me?

I’d love to hear from you - please leave me a comment on YouTube for my videos! If you want to talk to me, then the best way of getting hold of me is to join my discord server - chat with me and with hundreds of friendly people. We do weekly video/voice sessions there, so this is your opportunity to speak to me in person - every week!

How to support ?

I do have a Patreon Page - many thanks to my patrons who help me keep this channel independent of sponsors.