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How to dynamically allocate RAM to a VM on Proxmox

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The ballooning option allows Proxmox VE (https://www.proxmox.com) to manage the RAM of a Virtual Machine dynamically. Rather than having a fixed amount of RAM for each VM on Proxmox, you can use the dynamic RAM allocation with a so called ballooning device. That means that you can run more VMs on one single Proxmox Server.

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Click to view the entire transcript If I create a virtual machine on Proxmox then I can give it a certain amount of RAM. But do I really need to block the whole RAM for the machine even if it doesn’t use it ? No ­you don’t – just tick the box “Ballooning device” on the Memory options of the VM. This way Proxmox allocates memory dynamically. There’s a minimum value that always gets allocated and a maximum. This way you can run more VMs on one Proxmox machine if you’re not using all of them at the same time. Thanks for watching. Please Like and subscribe.